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The 9,746 Top Reasons We Don’t Want To Watch Megyn Kelly’s Dumb Fuckin’ New Show

Guys, it's safe to say Megyn Kelly's new show sucks.
David Brooks, Serious New York Times Typist

The Brutalism Of Reading David Brooks Whining About The Brutalism Of Ted Cruz

New York Times conservative columnist David Brooks lives in a different sort of reality, where Real Americans who do not live on the elitist coasts (like Brooks does) love God & Guns and the unlimited breadsticks at the Applebee's salad bar. Also, he...

Liveblogging Your Sloopy Tarsday: Part VI

Dying and it's only 8:30 PST. How do you people DO THIS all the time? Kirsten and I are going to liveblog Cougartown. GET READY! 11:30 -- "What a huge caucus" -- Wolf Blitzer. 11:32 -- "We project Mitt Romney...

Liveblogging The Weirdest Debate In History, Part II

Trying. To keep. Blood pressure. Down. Musn't DIE. Watching the lady lie about literally everything. Oh, she has some complete sentences alright. "Congratulations." You're still not a human though! STILL NOT THERE! Oh and Joe -- less numbers! We...