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Why Is Allah Killing Us With His Wild Beasts?

When a captive killer whale went nuts and killed its trainer at the Sea World a few months back, theologians from the American Family Association noted that this tragedy occurred because the aquatic-attractions horror park failed to murder the Orca after it killed its first victim, as the Old Testament instructed. Maybe? Or maybe don’t seize 12,000-pound predators from the sea and put them in a swimming pool surrounded by bleachers filled with screeching fat children and then expect the marine monsters to routinely dance in a crazy way to the hip-hop or whatever; we are not theologians we can’t say for sure. But now, the same AFA nutball is back with more Old Testament wildlife-management advice. That guy killed by an angry Grizzly Bear at Yellowstone? Yep, it’s all because of not following ancient religious scrolls. Read more on Why Is Allah Killing Us With His Wild Beasts?…