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Steve King Invites Obama’s Drunk Uncle To Party With Congress

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com The entire illegal Kenyan Obama family is just running around the U.S. drunk as sailors, or maybe Somali pirates, because they are African. The rest of us might be willing to sit back and watch this Once Great Nation collapse because of it, but not Iowa-Approved Grim Reaper Steve King, who would like to bring Obama’s drunk uncle before Congress, maybe so everyone can share hilarious drunk driving stories. Here he is, like that muppet who lives in a trash can, cackling about how awful everything is, and why it is Obama’s uncle’s fault. Read more on Steve King Invites Obama’s Drunk Uncle To Party With Congress…
  justice in our time

The Terrorists Win, Because of Casey Anthony

We are still trying very hard to ignore this Casey Anthony thing, but it is difficult to do this when it continues to inspire the minds of Americans with abortion jokes and dumb talking points. Oh, in case you managed to escape this horror, Casey Anthony is a lady from Florida who probably murdered her toddler (according to expert Americans across the country) but managed to get off the hook, because there just wasn’t quite enough evidence, and there’s this thing in our legal system where you’re not supposed to just give people the chair unless you’re absolutely sure they committed a crime. And this is just the sort of dangerous legal loophole that is going to let the terrorists win. Of course. Read more on The Terrorists Win, Because of Casey Anthony…
  justice in our time

Washington Post Passes Froomkin To Huffington Post For Victory!

Here’s some happy news: Fired WashingtonPost.com columnist Dan Froomkin has been hired by the Huffington Post to run the monster-blog’s new DC bureau. Now mean old neocon Charles Krauthammer and his faux-liberal enablers at the Washington Post can’t get Froomkin fired ever again, ha ha. Something makes us think Froomkin’s page views will go way up now that he’ll be promoted on the HuffPo front page rather than buried in the unloved online ghetto of the corrupt, dying Washington Post. Eat a bag of rat dicks, WaPo! [Andrew Sullivan] Read more on Washington Post Passes Froomkin To Huffington Post For Victory!…