pt jesus wept

In a plain case of “Blessed are the poor for Bryan Fischer wants them dead,” the radio host and director of issues analysis at the American Family Association recently overshared some characteristically Deep Thoughts on fixing godless heathen Obamacare. The following Guide to A Good Christian’s Healthcare may prove helpful. Hospitals should send the poor […]

Religious freeeeeeeeedom. Religious freeeeeeeedom. Shhhh, do you hear that? That is Kathryn Jean Lopez, wailing and gnashing. She is having a very bad day! What did that mean old Obama administration do this time? It won a lawsuit saying if the Catholic Church wanted all the federal contracts to care for victims of sex trafficking, […]

The Internet is chock full of dumb two-day fads, but there might be some real staying power in the concept of “Tea Party Jesus,” a Tumblr site that combines images of the Loving Jesus with cartoon speech bubbles full of 100% real quotes from leading right-wing Republicans who self-identify as “family values Christians.”