pt Jesus these people

You may, in spite of your best efforts, remember that Bradlee Dean guy. You know, the one who sued Rachel Maddow for defaming him by playing clips of things he actually said on his own radio show, and lost, big-time? Well, a man has to find a way to pay attorney fees for his gross […]

Speaking in front of a wall of glassy-eyed dead deer to an audience of glassy-eyed Christians at last month’s 2012 Sportsman’s Banquet at Hartwell, GA’s Liberty Baptist Church, serial Obama-speech-boycotter Rep. Paul Broun (R-JesusJesusJesusland) single-handedly disproved evolution and the Big Bang, and embryology, for good measure, revealing that they are “lies straight from the pit […]

Scott Van Duzer, the charming beefy pizzeria owner who gave President Barack Obama a big ol’ bear hug the other day, says that he has been targeted for retribution by angry Republicans who are boycotting his Fort Pierce, Florida, restaurant. He was also the target of a brief war on Yelp, between negative and positive […]