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Youngster To Lead Obama’s Churchy Thing

The cool young urban hipster Barack Obama refuses to hire anyone over the age of 40 except Rahm Emanuel. His chief speechwriter, his cook, and now his what do you call it, head of the White House Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, are all under 30. This newest very young person is just 26 years old, his name is Joshua DuBois, and he made headlines as a BU freshman standing up for 41 hours in front of a Martin Luther King memorial to honor Amadou Diallo. Read more on Youngster To Lead Obama’s Churchy Thing…
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Defensive Obama Team Defensively Defends Stupid Rick Warren

So Barack Obama, in the spirit of Christian charity and forgiveness, invited Pastor Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at his inaugural. (Rick Warren is the man who humiliated Barack Obama by forcing him to admit publicly that he is not a professional abortionist. Also Rick Warren hates the gays, who hate him back.) Now a series of “talking points” have surfaced, in the inbox of Huffington Post supersleuth Sam Stein, defensively defending Obama’s decision to give this goateed turd a speaking spot. Read more on Defensive Obama Team Defensively Defends Stupid Rick Warren…
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Evangelical Wingnut Rick Warren To Deliver Invocation At Inauguration

Rick Warren is a big shot evangelical preacher at a 600-trillion-person church in Southern California, meaning he’s also the puppetmaster behind American politics. You may remember his “Saddleback Forum” over the summer when he forced Obama and McCain — both of whose personal cell numbers he keeps — to babble about Jesus in his church, individually, while the other was being molested by rabid frogs in a Cone of Silence. Well guess what people, he’s now invited himself to give the wingnut invocation at Obama’s inauguration melee. This news does not please America’s many homosexuals. Read more on Evangelical Wingnut Rick Warren To Deliver Invocation At Inauguration…