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Obama Hugs Black Guy

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com This is essentially the top TV clip of the last five years. You’re gonna wanna bookmark it so that one day years down the road, you might tell your fat post-apocalyptic alien grandkids about how the Ghost of Breitbart era of terror began. It allllll started right here, with this powerful segment on Fox News’ popular bacterium Hannity, exposing Barack Obama’s worst (or second-worst?) secret : One time in 1991, when Obama was serving as the first black president of the Harvard Law Review, he spoke affably of the first black tenured Harvard Law professor, Derrick Bell, while he was peacefully protesting the lack of diversity on Harvard’s faculty. And then Obama hugged him. He might as well have given Sauron a reach-around. Read more on Obama Hugs Black Guy…

Ron Paul Tutoring Michele Bachmann At Fancy Lunches

Okay this explains basically everything written on Wonkette for the past few months. Ron Paul is getting himself a little following among his colleagues on the Hill, see? He’s been throwing fancy weekly luncheons for a dozen-ish of his minions to discuss the exciting lunch-hour topic of Austrian economic theory (laissez faire/sound money/central bank causes inflation/FREEDOM!). And who, who is his prized pupil? Michele Bachmann! Ron Paul loves her because she’s a good studier! OH MY. Read more on Ron Paul Tutoring Michele Bachmann At Fancy Lunches…