pt it’s true!

Did you know that Rick Santorum used to be all “Oh man abortion is so great” (paraphrase) (??) for most of his life? Yes, Rick Santorum! Ladies could hit up all the big sales at the Abortionplex every weekend and he’d be just fine with that. What happened? He “read the literature” when he decided […]

Former Wonkette warring companion and current nut Erick Erickson of RedState has written a delightful post entitled, “The Peter Principle.” Surely you all went to Sunday School — FYI, if we discover any non-Christians reading Wonkette, we will decapitate & eat them — and know about ol’ Peter, the Rock of Jesus. Erickson writes, “Peter, […]

The Rush Limbaugh program is a very entertaining program, it’s true. This segment with a caller is funny enough when he’s explaining to her what an addiction is like, and how the liberals are all “addicted to power,” whereas he was merely addicted to a tasty opiate. But then, after an awkward few seconds of […]

Doctor President Ron Paul recently went on Alex Jones’ conspiracy theory radio show and said this, about Obama and the G-20 meeting (which caused terrible traffic in certain parts of DC last weekend, and nothing else): “A world central bank, worldwide regulation and world control of the whole system, of all the commodities and all […]