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  it's called logic why don't you try it?

Terrified ‘War On Men’ Lady Calls For Truce Because Men Like To Kill Things

First Suzanne Venker, Phyllis Schlafly’s niece, wrote a very nice “think piece” for Fox News that was only trying to explain to women for their own good that the way they were comporting themselves (like men’s equals) was making men not want to marry them, because they (women) are angry hairy mannish whores. This made men angry, she said, but for some reason she did not tell the men to stop being angry? Only the women? That’s so weird! Then she got flooded with hate mail and backpedaled her little tushie off, saying, Oh no no no, what I meant to say was that HUSBANDS don’t like when WIVES are equal, which sort of eviscerated her claim that men aren’t marrying women anymore because of women’s gross feminism, since there are still husbands, and they are so grossed out. But now Suzanne Venker is pissed, y’all, and she is taking back her backpedaling and saying she was right all along (sort of like that Unskewed Polls guy did), and we should call a truce in the “War on Men” (a war we are conducting, again, by acting like we are “equal”) because men like to kill things. Wait, what? Read more on Terrified ‘War On Men’ Lady Calls For Truce Because Men Like To Kill Things…