pt insane in the brain

Beloved nut Michele Bachmann, whom we mostly picture these days as a wee Roomba whirring around on the carpet of her House offices sucking up dropped pain pills, is having some legal problems lately. Have you heard? The chief justice of the Iowa Supreme Court will name an independent investigator to look at claims she […]

Cuba is Iran’s southernmost province in Palestine and all the terrorists are camping out on Fidel Castro’s front lawn, according to fading pill nut Michele Bachmann, who is here to warn us all that we’d better not re-open trade with Cuba or, GAH, Palestine’s “Hez-BLAH” terrorists will get their U.N. license to bomb Florida, by […]

There are a bunch of “insane things Tom Coburn said in one single day” floating around on the Internet for some reason (August news cycles), so let us do a neat little paraphrase to sum up his wingnut brain diarrhea spree: “The end of the world is in 16 months, I will shoot everybody in […]