pt in what respect charlie?

This is painful: Chris Matthews spends nine minutes trying to get a straight answer out of McCain spokeslady Nancy Pfotenhauer — she of “Real Virginia” fame. And Nancy makes a fool of herself, because the only other option is to say, “Yes, Chris, for fuck’s sake, we all know Palin’s an idiot, so can we […]

What a tragic month for our Snowbilly Dingbat! On August 29, just hours after Barack Obama’s stadium acceptance speech in Denver, John McCain waddled out with his exciting maverick veep pick, a nine-year-old child abandoned at the Wal-Mart in some exurban Alaskan gloom-hole. And America loved her! Or, “the Americans who voted for Bush, twice, […]

And, as Robert Baird points out, she doesn’t even seem to know what a “doctrine” is, a la Monroe or Truman. When will people quit picking on the Republican vice presidential nominee for her complete lack of acquaintance with American history and current affairs? SHE WAS A MAYOR, YOU KNOW, WITH A LOT OF RESPONSIBILITIES. […]