pt important programming announcements

From time to time, we here at the Glorious Wonkette, May It Live Forever, call upon you, the Wonker, to give us shit. Sometimes it is money! (It is always money.) Sometimes it is your expertise, like that time we said “How do we make a website?” and you answered! Once we were drunk and […]

That is to say, Rebecca’s taking the day off — she muttered something about “journamalism class,” “student papers,” and “peyote and clam dip” on the way out of the Chat Cave — so she has left one of the inmates in charge of the asylum. She says she’ll be back tomorrow, but we would also […]

So when we went and got hired to indoctrinate some university students in the black arts of journalism — excuse us, something in our throat ah ah ahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahaha COUGH PHLEGM SPLAT — we knew we had to find the best Wonker who wasn’t all tied down with his JOB, MAN to act in our […]

Your Wonkette switched servers this weekend, a holiday weekend, so all kinks could be ironed out before business today. Oh wait, what’s that? Your Wonkette was supposed to switch servers this weekend, but then the programmer disappeared for two days because it was a religious holiday, and nobody could find him, but then the server-migrating […]

Your editor “Jim” here has not been able to think of anything funny or interesting to write all afternoon and apologizes for that. (Not really.) Various evil forces are destroying his stomach. So just read the POLITICO for important primary coverage tonight. Look at how excited and healthy they are about politics right now, whipping […]