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Tag: pt important changes regarding your wonkette

With Bin Laden Dead, My Work Here Is Done

All Wonkette editors leave you eventually. Today, it is my turn. So this is my last post ever. What a ride, etc.! I've enjoyed making fun of politics for this dumb little blog. But now it is time to...

Goodbye Forever! Also: No More War, Please

Hello, friends! After nearly two years of writing weird stuff on the Internet, it's time for "Intern Riley" to "cut and run." Where are we going? Who knows! At any rate: Writing for Wonkette completely transformed our life, in...

Famous ‘Hockey Mom’ Wonkette Editor Returning To This Hell Next Week

Right? We'd just assumed she was crushed in an avalanche, too.

Obama Baby Boom Is Not Entirely a Fiction

A certain Baby K. Smith is due into the world at any moment, like TODAY, and its mother will probably need to look after it for a while until it figures out how to work the safety on the...