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Unemployment Rate Falls To 7 Percent, Proving We Must Repeal Obamacare

Folks, it’s time to face facts. Obama’s plan to destroy the economy has failed. We had high hopes after the first 14 months of Obama’s first term, as we reveled in the negative jobs numbers that kept rolling in month after month like an ever-rising tide of sorrow. “Good,” we said to Satan, who is our best friend with whom we love to drink blood and other taboo fluids, “Now all we have to do is sit back and wait for Obamacare to finish the job! And if that fails, why, maybe we can hand out some more poisoned money to GM and the big banks! Ha! Ha!” Well, so much for that. The Bureau of Labor Statistics just released the jobs report for November, and it’s bleak. 203,000 new jobs. The lowest unemployment rate (7%)  since December 2008. That makes 45 straight months of job growth, and this time they’re not even all at McWal-Burger Hospice Warehouse: The only sectors that declined were information (-1,000) and financial (-3,000). Not only are we adding jobs, but the sector most capable of screwing everything up again shrank the most!  Read more on Unemployment Rate Falls To 7 Percent, Proving We Must Repeal Obamacare…

California Gas Prices Still Out Of Effing Control

Hello from sunny California, now home to two three vaginally-afflicted members of your crack Wonkette cyborg team. It is a fun state, full of many wonderful things like giant trees, Mexican goth teens, and of course, Danny DeVito’s allegedly hyperactive peen. But what else does California have to offer its mixed population of liberal shitstains and Orange County ‘Publicans? Why, the insanest gas prices we’ve ever seen in this here nation! The rise in California gasoline prices has slowed after recent jarring increases, but nonetheless the cost of a gallon inched up to another record high, even as officials hope their emergency action will help ease the sticker shock. The average price for regular gas in the state on Tuesday was a bit over $4.67 a gallon, according to the AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report. The price was a state record and the highest in the nation. The cost increased only a fraction of a cent overnight, however — compared to nearly 50 cents in the past week. Only un fraction de un centado? Viva la gasolina! (This is a mixed language called “Spangmerican,” which some might call a pidgin and others might call a creole and others might call “what the gardener talks when he sprays the bushes with no mask on, because we are too cheap to buy him protection against lethal carcinogens and as long as our bougainvillea looks purty, all is right with the world.”) Read more on California Gas Prices Still Out Of Effing Control…

News Flash: What Is Texas Even Coming To When You Cannot Stand Your Neighbor’s Ground?

In a socialist nanny-state pussified strike at the heart of what it means to be an American man, a Texas jury has found Raul Rodriguez guilty of murder just because he went over to his neighbor’s house and stood his neighbor’s ground, killing said neighbor while simultaneously videotaping himself telling police dispatchers he was afraid for his life even though the neighbor was 20 feet away and had his hands up. It was obviously a clear “Stand Your Ground” winner, since Rodriguez was shouting “I’m standing my ground here!” before shooting his neighbor and his neighbor’s friends. HE RESTS HIS CASE! This, obviously, is all part of the Obama Administration’s plan to take away your guns and not let you march over to your neighbor’s house and kill him. ERIC HOLDER MUST RESIGN! [Yahoo, via Wonkette operative “Steverino247”] Read more on News Flash: What Is Texas Even Coming To When You Cannot Stand Your Neighbor’s Ground?…