pt ‘i’m not a witch’

Smegma-lipped poutmonster Rick Santorum, continuing his streak of saying only and at all times sensible and logically sound things, reminded Americans today that it was President B. HUSSEIN Obama who retroactively caused the housing crash because of how he is a Gaia-worshipping lesbian Wiccan dildonic priestess who hates America, and low gas prices, and Jesus. […]

Unemployed nobody Christine O’Donnell used to masturbate in a “witch costume” just like any uptight gal in the 1980s, but her dumb new ghost-written book — witch-written book? — won’t be about anything good like that. Instead, this nincompoop lady will have her picture on a book about “what it takes to make America great […]

Your favorite disappearing Delaware meatball wiccan has reappeared on the television and the YouTube! Turns out she’s running for Senate or something? And now she’s tan, ready and rested — which means she’s ready to talk about the important issues facing America. For instance: “I’m not a witch. I’m nothing you’ve heard.” Oh boy. Also: […]