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Uh oh, you guys. Richard Cohen went to the movies. And Richard Cohen has a bone to pick, with the movies. What happened to suave leading men like Cary Grant and Humphrey Bogart and Richard Cohen, HENGHHH? Why does Daniel Craig get to be “a movie star” just because he makes your Editrix, and your […]

Wisconsin Kochsuckler Scott Walker was so excited to get some time off for Thanksgiving, before he is recalled for being a giant jerkoff and also making Wisconsin number one in job losses. (How’s that “Wisconsin Is Open For Business” slogan working out, Walker?) The governor apparently typed the charmingly idiotic message pictured above all by […]

The mentally ill dingbats at Fox and Friends devoted part of their program to calling kindly mom lady protester Stacy Hessler “disgusting filth” because she was so moved by the Occupy Wall Street protests that she left her teenage kids at home with their dad in Florida to participate at Zuccotti Park. B-b-but a woman’s […]

The Onion put out a series of “breaking news” tweets narrating an escalating Capitol Hill hostage situation perpetrated by Republican members of Congress (GET IT??), which the Capitol Police decided to treat as actionable cause for TOTAL PANIC because “satire” is not covered in the police training manual. Hooray, Earth is now sentenced to have […]

Joe Biden stumbled out of his call-center cubicle yesterday and decided to do something idiotic again. What did the human embarrassment do this time? Oh, just attack some low-paid government biologists for working really hard on an endangered species website that costs all of $125 a year — that’s a hundred-and-twenty-five dollars. Hmm, that sounds […]

Which pea-brained clown will become the new chairperson of the Republican National Committee? Whether it’s the dingbat woman dreaming of getting wasted at her kitchen table again or the lunkhead who just keeps barking “Reagan! Reagan!” when asked if he has ever read a book, all five of these mouth-breathing imbeciles are perfect representatives of […]

IDIOTS  12:21 am November 19, 2010

Arizona Kills War Hero Dog

by Ken Layne

So this dog saved a bunch of people during some terror bombing in Afghanistan. What a brave dog! Like all heroes, this dog was sent to America to go on teevee, so it could become famous and live with a family of Army heroes. Sadly, the dog was also sent to live in Arizona: Target […]

Having called for armed revolution against America’s democratically elected government, duck-faced sociopath Michele Bachmann truly exemplifies mature political discourse. This is why her alleged husband just put his name on a Bachmann 4 Congress fund-raising email, because the staffer who wrote this email cannot believe the local communists have gone so far as to put […]

Hmm, what are the Republicans acting outraged about today? The usual — Obama offended the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Biden said something about his basement, Nancy Pelosi is a California lady who has an important job, etc. There are probably Twitters on all these important subjects! But, as the Twitter fad seems to be fading […]

Populism, hurrah! There are now “Bus Tours of AIG Executives’ Mansions,” in Connecticut. Your tour guide? Chris Dodd, maybe! This will show these wretched villains! Here is the live video. [BoingBoing]

Possibly the most ignorant motherfucker to ever walk the halls of the Senate, Rick Santorum was sent packing in 2006 because, even by Republican standards, he is an outrageously stupid bigot and total human failure. For some reason, he was allowed to give a “speech” at some college in Nebraska, where he gave his usual […]