pt how a bill becomes a law

There are a lot of rich white men who are representing you in our nation’s most deliberative body, and sometimes they set themselves apart by being INSANELY CRAZY. But sometimes they are just run-of-the-mill crazy, in which case it is hard to tell them apart. This is why you don’t yet know very much about […]

Here is a pressing question that might be keeping you up nights, particularly if you live in whatever district in Missouri Todd Akin (R-Ladiesman) represents: What if you want to tell Todd Akin how much he sucks? How do you know he will listen to you and absorb what is sure to be thoughtful and […]

Oh hi Steve King (R-His Own Sphincter), what paranoid delusional BS are you blabbing about today? You will remember Steve King as the gentleman who advocated for the legality of animal cruelty because of the theoretical legality of a VERY detailed scenario (fantasy?) involving abducting a 13 year old girl from a swing set, raping […]

For a few brief minutes it seemed like the executive pay cap proposal and a provision to recoup some of the bailout money spent on bonuses might actually stay in the stimulus bill. But ha, no, of course not. It looks like they will both die on the operating table. Still that was nifty for […]