pt hot pix

So here we have this party we had Saturday night. On the left, that is Nadia Naffe, who is the girl who was suing James O’Keefe for ALLEGEDLY trying to rape her in his Rape Barn, and who was stone cold randomly walking past the bar when our buddy Chris Faraone who is the guy […]

Atlanta, dear Wonkadoos, was a compleat treat. About a dozen hardy lovers came from all over the South — one young miss from Birmingham! — to drink our beer and eat our vittles. And every one a peach! As usual, we will not be identifying the beautiful peoples in our party pix, but they may […]

Did you know that the first black chairman of the RNC was fired on Martin Luther King Day? We are not going to look it up, we are sure this chick Miranda was right about it, she seems like the kind of person who would be right about stuff. And even if Michael Steele, the […]

So you know that thing you do where you throw a party and even though you had a wonderful time and everyone had a wonderful time you just are like LET ME COUNT UP ALL THE PEOPLE WHO DID NOT COME. You do that right? Well all our media ‘lite friends who blew off our […]