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A Children’s Treasury Of Random Wackadoodles Standing Outside The DNC, Plus Victoria Jackson

Here have some goddamn pictures. After this we are taking a nap, and then we will get up and live bloog Barry Bamz making sweat love to your earholes.

We Will Have This Party In DC, It Will Be So Great, We Will Call It ‘Late Night Shots’

Yes we are doing this thing. It is this Saturday, presuming we can find a ride from Charlotte to DC, and we are calling it for 7 p.m. Here is the place: The Bottom Line 1716 I (Eye) Street NW Washington...

Iowans Not Going To Be Able To Overturn Gay Marriage For Years

Iowa decided to "resume the hate" on Tuesday and kick out the state supreme court judges who ruled that gay marriage was legal. But wait, not so fast: Despite sweeping GOP gains in Iowa government Tuesday, one Democratic senator will...