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Wonkette A Part Of ‘Nobama Network,’ Hooray!

While the hub for Internet-Americans that hate Barack Obama is clearly Ed Hale’s hcsfjm.com, its closest rival appears to be the “Nobama Network,” which describes itself as “a portal site designed to bring together the Grass Roots Movements in America spawned by outrage over the actions of the DNC disenfranchising voters, reassigning delegates, selecting their illegitimate Nominee and diminishing the most basic factor that makes America great, our right to vote and be heard!” Among the sites on this “portal” are the 40-50 worst sites on the entire Internet. Including your Wonkette! Read more on Wonkette A Part Of ‘Nobama Network,’ Hooray!…

World’s Dumbest Website Headed Towards Higher Vistas

Ed Hale’s majestic website, Ex-Hillary Clinton Supporters For John McCain, has already conquered the Internet several times over, and is now looking towards new, uncharted waters: “print newspapers.” The next step in Evolution, avast! Here’s Ed’s rallying cry in the “plans” section of his site: “Ok, it is time to get serious and let the DNP know that we are not coming home in the fall. One of our member said it was time to take action and I agree.” PREPARE FOR THE NUCLEAR OPTION: a single half-page ad in one local tabloid newspaper. Appearing once! Ed’ll show these “shifty-eyeds” indeed! Read more on World’s Dumbest Website Headed Towards Higher Vistas…