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Will Herman Cain Propose Chilean-Style Student Riots?

Jabbering nincompoop Herman Cain is the new star of the GOP 2012 Campaign, this week — that’s how much Republicans don’t like their front-runner, Mitt Romney. Herman Cain’s policy positions are as ridiculous as they are insane: Something about the Number Nine, Number Nine, and then something about Obama showing up at GOP debates to ask Herman Cain how to hire minimum-wage pizza delivery people, and then the special privatized Social Security scheme supposedly from Chile. Herman Cain’s platform is like searching Google for the word “the” and picking three random results from the ninth page and then adding “Chilean Model,” for pageviewz. BUT, it seems his favorite country has actually exploded with the most intense riots of the moment. Hot commie gals! Riot dogs! Blood and fire! It’s fantastic. Herman Cain probably wants some Chilean-style General Strike riots to demolish Wall Street and then go after the regional fast-food chains, right? Because Chile is the new example for Republican Politics …. Read more on Will Herman Cain Propose Chilean-Style Student Riots?…