pt he rests his case!

Herman Cain has spent the past two years trying to clear his name of wrongful accusations that he groped that lady, and the other lady, and that third chick, and we think two other ones as well it is hard to keep straight! That is, he has been working to clear his name for the […]

What caused the Holocaust? (Or per Business Insider, “Why are the sources of anti-Semitism?”) Well, you could be boring about it and point to the rich vein of anti-Semitism going back to the Middle Ages in those parts of Bavaria where Hitler was strongest, and add in his need for an “other” to blame for […]

Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller has a SCOOP you guys! Someone in the Zimmerman family wrote a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, explaining they are not racist and saying the only reason Eric Holder hasn’t arrested the New Black Panther Party is because Eric Holder is black, and all blacks are always sticking together and […]