pt grifter’s downfall

“The reports that you are getting about the beliefs of students in public schools is not coming from the students, but rather the sick media spin-doctors and their disinformation.” – Bradlee Dean – Bradlee Dean, quoting Bradlee Dean Like so many failed heavy metal musicians from the 1980s, Bradlee Dean has been reduced to wandering […]

Uh-oh, guys, no one wants to pay money to yapping imbecile Sarah Palin for her job of “doing nothing” anymore! RLY SAD BUT TRUE: her insipid, publicly-funded reality teevee show about naked grizzly bear hunting in Alaska or whatever was not renewed for a second season, so she is apparently trying to shop around a […]

Wow. This is a very acerbic Sarah Palin dressed up in a classic batshit old hag “leopard print muu-muu, beehive and spectacles” ensemble as she practically snarls at the retirement home folk who were bussed in to nap through her speech at Disneyworld. (And oh look, she’s standing behind a sign that is exactly one […]