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Obama Caves To Environmental Groups, Election 2012 Has Begun

Barack Obama’s administration has been, uhm, terrible when it comes to environmental issues. Not that he ever had any kind of “environmental record” beyond believing some coal industry press release about a fantasy form of fuel called “clean coal,” but the assumption had (wrongly) been that a Liberal Democrat might be somewhat sympathetic to the environmental concerns of, say, the vast majority of Americans. (Even Republican voters overwhelmingly support policies that protect the air we breathe, water we drink, etc.) But as we have learned over the past three years, the Obama Administration has been pretty Meh on the environment. Good thing the whole world isn’t melting, hahaha. ANYWAY, now the White House has caved to the environmental groups on this whole Keystone Tar Sands Filthy Death Pipeline, because we’re now officially within a year of the election, and nobody votes like the environmental people, unless they’ve been repeatedly shit on by the supposed Liberal Democrat administration. Read more on Obama Caves To Environmental Groups, Election 2012 Has Begun…