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Oh dear, Sen. Chuck Grassley snuck out the window again after lights-out, and now he’s leading inquiries into the Secret Service sex scandal. Whatcha got so far, inspector? “Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) said the Colombia prostitutes at the center of the Secret Service scandal may have been spies planted by the Russian government.” And if […]

GRAMPA CORNPANTS  2:10 pm March 24, 2010

by Jim Newell

HAHAHAHA WELL LOOK AT THAT: The Republicans’ “chief health care negotiator,” Sen. Chuck Grassley of Twitter fame, is already taking credit for things in the evil health care bill: “Sen. Chuck Grassley, ranking member of the Committee on Finance, with jurisdiction over taxes, has worked to hold tax-exempt hospitals accountable for the federal tax benefits […]

Oh god, we’re dangerously close to reaching Peak Grassley here. This man was born to use the expression “living off the public tit” on television at least once in his desperate, confusing life. Now he should rest in his corn fields for a bit, while we wait for the day. [Think Progress]

We haven’t been hearing much from everyone’s favorite wacky Iowan coot, Senator Chuck Grassley, ever since the Senate Finance Committee passed its health care bill without any help or input whatsoever from the “chief Republican negotiator,” who was busy bottoming out. So today your sentimental editor went to the YouTube and searched “grassley” in the […]

Oh ho ho, a little feedback! Eh, we’ll just make fun of you, instead of complaining to the corporation Twitter. Smooth move with the “bytes” though… Hey wait a minute! Aren’t you supposed to be voting on any number of public options right now, for your JOB? [Chuck Grassley's Twitter]

Uh oh, our beloved friend Chuck Grassley snuck into the Twitter machine again, and would you look at this! And don’t give us that “Oh you can only use 140 characters on dumb fucking Twitter” rigmarole. The man simply does not know how to spell “school” and simply does not care for the learning of […]

Senatorial grumpus Chuck Grassley really wants a solid, bipartisan health care reform bill to pass, you guys. This is why he has been refusing to compromise on a single thing for eight months — and more recently, spreading toxic falsehoods and suggesting he’ll vote against his own bill — in his role as chief Republican […]

Confused old person Sen. Chuck Grassley, who is two or three more annoying media turns away from finally getting booted from health care negotiations, has found another outlet receptive to his newfound bad-faith curmudgeonly psychobabble: National Review‘s The Corner, the #1 blog on the Internet. In an interview with the site’s Robert Costa, “Grassley says […]