pt gop in the news

Larry Craig is a terrible closeted homosexual and right-wing Idaho “Super Tuber” who was also a loathsome crooked senator who would basically do whatever the land rapists asked, as long as he could keep up the bathroom ass-fucking/sucking. He was America’s Greatest Hero and the symbol of the Republican Party. But now nobody wants to […]

This is what Chip Saltsman — the guy who successfully won the GOP nomination for Mike Huckabee — sent out as a “Christmas Gift” to fellow Republicans, so they’d choose him as the new head of their party. Please, let’s stop the “political correctness” and please, please, please let this guy be the new leader […]

Here’s a fun word puzzle for this wintry Friday afternoon. Guess why this guy’s in the news today: “The former Republican assemblyman, also a former television reporter, was an outspoken advocate of tough penalties for sex offenders.” That’s right, GOP politician George “Chris” Ortloff was caught in one of those online-pedophile sting operations, trying to […]