pt gay old party

Your Wonkette has been too lazy to filter through the daily deluge of homophobic outrage pouring ever forth from the most ferociously closeted segment of the Internet to sift for the conservative hollering about Mitt Romney’s hiring of an openly gay campaign adviser to advise him on that most holy dominion of political manliness, forever […]

While being an openly gay Republican seems about as sane as carrying a nail-studded two-by-four around so you can mutilate yourself on the half-hour, the “Log Cabin Republicans” continue to be an actual thing. And they have put out a statement about tonight’s exciting New Hampshire primary results. They’re quite pleased with the results! “By […]

Merry Dickcember, one and all! How has this week’s garden-variety self-loathing closeted Republican politician managed to out himself? Ha ha, the headline sort of gives it away, but meet Greg Davis, the mayor of Southaven, Mississippi who went on a taxpayer-funded shopping spree to the tune of $170,000 in booze, fancy meals and a TRIP […]

You were so sure this headline was finally at long last going to be referring to Rick Perry, but still no dice. (Seriously, though, WHEN???) This time it’s America’s one-time Sheriff of the Year Patrick Sullivan, the Republican former top law enforcement official of Arapahoe County, Colorado, who is in trouble for “the usual” with […]

The loony hillbillies of the Maine GOP have had a hard time convincing residents to back them in their opposition to a statewide referendum measure that would permit Election Day voter registration, so their latest strategy has them running ads ominously informing the citizenry IN SCREAMING ALL CAPS that anyone who supports the measure, known […]

It’s time for the greatest scientific barometer of America’s intellect, the Vanity Fair/CBS News poll of dingbat potpourri questions thrown at a representative sample of Americans who haven’t had their phone lines turned off by Verizon yet. What did our pollsters ask this time? To be weird, instead of asking a series of completely random […]

Victimiest most victimized ever victim Rick “The President of Victims” Santorum has had a rough time carrying out his life’s mission as an unrepentant homophobic bigot, because his consistent dehumanizing attacks on gay people forced them to start a gay jihad against him (funny how war works, isn’t it, Rick?) that makes filthy results pop up top […]

Gay Republican Anthony Weiner En Español is the latest GOP politician so far this week (give it a few minutes?) caught photographing his butt and putting the pictures on a highly public website available for all to see and investigate. Puerto Rican Senator Roberto Arango, as he is known with his clothes on, uploaded various […]

There is some other GOP presidential candidate we never actually even heard of named Fred Karger, but he is according to some poll tied with Tim Pawlenty, which feels about right. Karger is also one of the vanishingly rare openly gay Republicans people hear about on quiet days when the wind is still, which means […]

Buried halfway through this rumor-heavy Politico INSIDE SCOOP about the implosion of Herman Cain’s campaign is one particularly fun piece of total hearsay alleging that Cain’s Iowa staff is crumbling “after weeks of swirling rumors between Cain’s staff and volunteers in the Hawkeye State accusing each other of affairs, homosexuality and professional misconduct.” Yes, why […]

According to the Republican Party of America circa 2008, the biggest threat to America was a couple of nice gay people who live together and share all their expenses also being able to visit each other in the hospital, thanks to “gay marriage.” But now that New York State Republicans have approved Gay Marriage, the […]

What will Mitt Romney do to win the Republicans’ support in 2012? Literally anything. According to important political blog TIME Magazine, Romney is “coming out” at CPAC. It’s gonna be a sausage fest! And don’t worry, Ann: It’s not cheating if it’s up the butt. [The Note via Wonkette Operative "Andrew B."]

Tipster “Matt L.” just sent us the First Ballot results from the exciting Republican National Committee voting for a new chairman to revive the doomed party! And let’s see, current loser RNC chair Mike Duncan has 52 votes, hapless Maryland loser and “moderate black Republican” Michael Steele got 46, South Carolina segregationist Katon Dawson has […]

This may come as a shock, but a prominent anti-homosexual Republican attorney general has apparently been caught having homosexual sex intercourse with his homosexual gay male assistant. Bonus: The dude’s wife caught him, in their bed. This is the rumor that the AG’s office has officially denied, so now of course everybody is spilling the […]