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There comes a point in every young nation’s life — and rest assured, fellow Americans, we are but a young, albeit fading, nation — that its citizens must choose a National .JPG. This is considerably more important than selecting a National Mammal, so move to the back of the line, “bison.” Wolf Blitzer speaking to […]

The Daily has a story up about this fellow, Sidney Barthwell, who was a high school classmate of Mitt Romney’s and a law school classmate of Barack Obama’s. It sounds nice! We didn’t read it. But have you seen this photo that complements it, in which Mitt Romney is smiling and pointing a gun to […]

Here is a delightful screen grab of Mitt Romney somberly detailing his method for making sweet love to money as the college students seated behind him on stage slip into comas.

Look at Mitt Romney in South Carolina today trying so hard to operate a small container of laundry detergent like he knows how it works, AW. No no, Mitt, the machine does not have change for a fifty, QUIT jamming the bill into the coin slot. Sigh. What were the other candidates up to?

You’re going to be hearing from Utah about this, Fox News. They most certainly are NOT responsible for Harry Reid. To be “fair and balanced,” however, we would probably be completely wasted all the time too if we worked in the Fox News graphics department. [Media Matters]

Aw, see what the Internet noticed! America’s gayest cowboy Rick Perry also likes to look like a gay cowboy, when he talks about the gays. Go figure! [Imgur]

Woah, NASA, you got SCOOPED BIG TIME. [Twitter via Tech Crunch]

This is the tragic scene from a Borders closeout sale in Maryland. Do we spy a “Young Adult” section in the background of the photo marked with only a 70% off sign? FOR SHAME, AMERICA. [Thanks to Wonkette Operative "Alex S."]

OH MA GOD LOOK WHUT THEY DONE!!!! Vandals/ political cartoonists spray-painted a Hitler mustache on a giant mural in Tennessee celebrating Ronald Reagan’s withered, senile rat mug, marking the first “Obama is Hitler because he is Reagan” joke we have seen to date. That’s what this is, isn’t it?  We cannot figure out what else […]

The American Chamber of Commerce is running a photo contest on Facebook asking people to “submit a photo of the American Dream as it is embodied by your small business or a business in your community.” HUUNNHHH? Apparently this was sort of a tough assignment for folk, correctly figuring out what the words in that […]

Here is what a Teabagger stream-of-consciousness novel looks like self-published on the back of a camper, like all major wingnut tomes. Tea Party, meet your T. S. Eliot. 

Wonkette operative “Matt” sends us this screengrab from Is the reason the U.S. government doesn’t want us to see the bin Laden photos is that he’s too handsome? Americans aren’t going to be grossed out by them. They’re going to join up with Al Qaeda to gawk at all the pretty, ageless gentlemen.

According to the Anderson Cooper teevee show on Friday, Newt Gingrich has committed “discretions” in his past. This is a serious revelation! We, and Republican voters everywhere, demand CNN release evidence Newt Gingrich has ever exercised good judgment. EVEN IF IT HAPPENED ONCE, THAT SHOULD DISQUALIFY HIM FROM THE NOMINATION. [thanks to Wonkette operative "Benton" […]

Teabagger rallies are happening across the country today because Teabaggers thought April 15 is Tax Day this year; it’s not. Probably worried about another embarrassingly low turnout, no event was held in D.C. Your editor, like a number of other blog types in New York City, stopped by the one in Foley Square, which organizers […]

It is interesting that in a few short years, a very large state legalizing civil unions is now minor news. Anyway, here is phantom-eyed new Illinois resident Rahm Emanuel at the gay after-party, pictured with friend Unsettling Sentient Orb of Pure Energy, celebrating his new state’s basic human decency, via Wonkette operative “Gregg K.”