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Tag: pt fuck this guy

Sad Jebbers is sadness.

Jeb Bush Doesn’t Wanna Believe Racist Murderer Is Racist, And You Can’t Make Him

It really is OK to say that the massacre of nine African Americans in their church was a racially motivated hate crime. How do we know? Because Dylann Roof, the confessed murderer, said so. There's no need to speculate...
Not a pussy.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Will Screw The Gays All By Himself, You’ll See

On Tuesday, a Fuck The Gays bill, HB 707 -- similar to the Religious Freedom Restoration Acts (RFRAs) that passed, and were subsequently "fixed" like common dachschunds, in Indiana and Arkansas -- died in a Louisiana House committee in a...

Republican Barack Obama Says Filthy Tar Sands Pipeline Is Great

The difference between the environmental policies of Barack Obama and George W. Bush? You expected it to be bad with Bush Jr. Today, the White House is surrounded with people protesting the Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline. Here's how...