pt first against the wall

Today we learned that all reporters including Jerome Corsi should be executed for treason in honor of Free Speech Week, because Orwell. This led to discussion in the secret Wonket chatcave about trying for treason those who made the pickles on McDonald’s anusburgers too bland, but then we realized it would be much easier and […]

It was a crushing moment, surely, a black hole of existential despair. How can you be a VIP when everyone is equally VI? What is this, communism? Did they not see her shiny Range Rover? Did they not see her shiny chiffon dress? Did they not hear the money in her voice? Did they not […]

Oh jesus christ, Bill fuckin’ Kristol, he’s now bragging about his sexy dinner with Obama and Peggy Noonan: “Yesterday, he met with the liberal columnists. And they had a pleasant hour in the conference room in his office. They got some coffee in some styrofoam cups. We had a pleasant dinner at George’s house, and […]