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Wall Street Assholes Will Eat Your Cushy Middle-Class Job

Once General Secretary Obama and Chief Commissar Pelosi have banned all capitalist activity more advanced that barter and turned Lower Manhattan into a giant open-air market for selling organic produce and hemp blankets, what will become of the tightly wound young men who made all that money for you and me, right up until the point where they destroyed America? You were probably hoping that, having no other skills, they would literally die, after being knifed by hobos in a fight for the least filthy spots under the freeway overpass. But it turns out that they’re just going to take away your jobs (assuming, of course, that you still have a job, after they destroyed the economy.) Read on to find out how you can defend yourself! (Hint: You cannot, they are relentless and unstoppable.) Read more on Wall Street Assholes Will Eat Your Cushy Middle-Class Job…