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Tag: pt fear of a black planet

Only obsidian can kill him

Steve King Knows An African When He Sees One, Missouri

Iowa Republican Steve King has the piercing blue eyes and inerrant moral compass of a White Walker, no one denies this. Yesterday, King appeared on NewsmaxTV (which is a real thing, apparently), where he shared his thoughts nerve impulses...

Barack Obama Way Worse Slaveholder Than Actual Slaveholders, Obviously

Oh hi there readers. Whatcha doing? Stuff? Work stuff? Fun stuff? Sexytime stuff? Are you in the Midwest and digging yourself out of a million inches of snow? Why not take a break and go read this delightful 2388-word...

Current White House Dog Goes On Biting Spree

Barney, currently the only black male in the White House, is extremely pissed off since hearing he'll soon be deported to Texas so that a black human can be the president while some common mutt street dog will become...