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Beloved Weiner-Twitterer Anthony Weiner Resigns From Congress

Anthony Weiner is crazy for girls and crazy for Twitter, two things that do not go well together, especially when you’re a married congressman who can’t stop taking pictures of your dick and sending them to the entire Internet. So, after who knows how many weeks of Weinergate, Anthony Weiner is resigning from Congress. We’re betting those voters from his district who originally said, “Eh, let’s keep him, he’s good at going on teevee and talking about himself,” eventually changed over to, “Oh for god’s sake, quit already, and keep it in your pants for a while, iPhone sex creep.” Even Barack Obama took a moment from authorizing the bombing of all other countries to say, “Hey, Weiner? You are now officially messing with my business, which is shaking liberal millionaires down for campaign contributions. Get lost.” Good-bye, Anthony Weiner, history’s first Twitter-Congress casualty. Read more on Beloved Weiner-Twitterer Anthony Weiner Resigns From Congress…