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Is it really already the last debate? Have there even been any before tonight? Wait, the intern telling us something… !!!… okay, so there have been about 20 debates! Thanks, intern. (You’re fired.) Well, this process has certainly made us a better nation. So let’s watch tonight’s CNN debate live from the gay Mexican firecracker […]

Terrible oil spills destroying however many states/Gulfs of Mexico? Stock market collapse, again? Who cares, just look at these sexy grownup people dressed all fancy and not having sex affairs with bloggers or whatever.

LIZ CHENEY INTRODUCES SURPRISE GUEST DICK CHENEY. Pants off, everyone! 2-18-10: where were you when the one memorable news event of the day happened? [YouTube]

Oh, you didn’t know? Allah made Harry Reid black, as “punishment” for saying “Negro dialect.” But he still has Harry Reid’s voice, is the thing! Anyway what’s this thing, jobs bill, okay sounds good…

FAP FAP FAP  9:13 am January 29, 2010

by Jim Newell

“ECONOMY” GROWS AT HILARIOUS PACE: Ha ha ha GDP grew 5.7% during the last quarter of 2009, just like in the good old days, when people had jobs. How healthy does this economy sound: the major reason for growth was that “businesses reduced inventories less aggressively.” Stupid move, businesses. It’s not like anyone’s going to […]

Now hopefully you all didn’t forget that in America, we only address domestic issues such as energy, transportation, health care, jobs, etc. when there is either a real or imagined lull in NATIONAL TERROR AND WAR issues about which we can do nothing to fully protect ourselves, did you? Because now the lull is over, […]

Love is in the air! Famous first daughter Chelsea Clinton is getting married to some guy she’s shacked up with, in Manhattan. He’s a Wall Street hotshot, and everybody loves those guys. And his dad is a convicted felon who recently got out of FEDERAL PRISON. The Clintons: Still making everybody else look better. [Chicago […]

Barack Obama missed out on the much-ballyhooed Gridiron Dinner this weekend, an event in which journalists and politicians sit around very expensive tables with long white linen tablecloths and quietly give each other handjobs. Instead the president stayed at Camp David with his family, blah. Fortunately, Joe Biden attended the dinner and brought home the […]

How are the Washington journalists responding to the selection of new NYT op-ed columnist Ross Douthat? The Atlantic‘s Marc Ambinder, for one, has mixed feelings: “Ross is a late-twenties-year-old public intellectual with the sensibility of a 60-year eminence grise, the range of a Hitchens, the pitch of a conservative AJP Taylor, the conscience of a […]

Guess what, Democratic National Committee kids working through the hot summer months while everybody else is pretty much not thinking at all about the election? The DNC says you can sorta dress down for summer — but not like a complete whore or a bum! Read the new Dress Code and feel the wind beneath […]