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Americans Describe Debt Battle As ‘Stupid,’ ‘Ridiculous’ and ‘Disgusting’

Guess who wins politically, in this pathetic “debt showdown” thing in Washington? Nobody in Washington, that’s for sure! More than three-quarters of Americans polled about the budget battles and threatened government shutdown used “negative words” including disgusting, ridiculous, stupid, childish, joke and sucks to describe the idiocy. A lot of people also said something the Washington Post spells as “bull____,” and we can’t figure out what it means. Bullwinkle? Probably. Meanwhile, let’s all congratulate Ronald Reagan Junior Barack Obama for further pissing off a percentage of people equal to those pissed off by the Tea Party Fanatics during this long national nightmare. Read more on Americans Describe Debt Battle As ‘Stupid,’ ‘Ridiculous’ and ‘Disgusting’…