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New Pals Scalia and Kagan Hang Out At Gun Range

Antonin Scalia was spotted giving Elena Kagan “a lesson” about shootin’ crap at a shooting “club” last week, according to The Daily Caller, which has set up a tin-can telephone at the bottom of Tucker Carlson’s treehouse to receive such tips. Clarence Thomas is gonna be so pissed when he finds out his blood brother was hanging out with that new girl without him! According to eyewitnesses who had their rifle scopes trained on the liberal intruder woman, Scalia was “bending down in order to teach Kagan how to hold the shotgun,” and “the pair were shooting skeet.” Sexy! For their second date, Scalia will do Kagan’s favorite activity, recreationally aborting a fetus and then gay-marrying it to another aborted fetus. Read more on New Pals Scalia and Kagan Hang Out At Gun Range…