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A Thing Jeff Bezos Could Spend His Hundred Billion Dollars On Instead Of Spaceships To Space

Jeff Bezos could spend a billion dollars a year on going to space, or he could give each of his 90,000 warehouse workers $11,000 more a year.
Facts all come with points of view / Facts don't do what I want them to

Ben Carson Spends $165,000 On ‘Lounge Furniture’ While Making Sure Poor Aren’t Too ‘Cozy’

This does not even include the $31,000 dining set.

New York Restaurateur Wishes ‘Servant’ Waitstaff Still Knew Their Place

He also forgot to pay his maid more than $5 an hour for 70 hours a week. Because he was TOO AWESOME.

GOP Tax Plan Will Leave Poorest Americans Even Poorer. Champagne All Around, Chaps!

The GOP tax plan will screw lower income folks, including their base? The deuce you say.
I say, if you'd just develop a work ethic young man, you could be rich. What ho, have a tuppence and don't spend it all at once.

Cartoon JPMorgan Plutocrat Says Let Them Eat iPhones

Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase (not a typo, actually), would like everyone to stop bitching about "income inequality," which is not a thing at all. The financier feels just as equal as anyone on his corporate jet,...
He looks like this probably

Hero Hilton Heir Is Emperor Of All He Surveys, Also: Arrested

Terrible news on the social justice front: A young man was arrested and shackled just for exercising his First Amendment rights to free speech. Sort of: Paris Hilton's younger brother Conrad has appeared in court after allegedly becoming enraged on...
They don't make butlers like Carson anymore.

Rich People Tired Of Living In Giant Mansions, Long For Merely Huge Mansions

Claudio Stivelman is a real estate developer whose corporate biography modestly alludes to his "prophetic vision to invest along the Northern coast of Miami-Dade County." He got stupid-rich and built himself an "11,000-square-foot dream house," only to find that...

Class War Has A Fresh New Face: Chelsea Clinton And Her $10.5 Million NYC Pad

We have spent some time during this journey through our worldly vale of tears defending the gargantuan mansions of both Albert Gore and Husband of the Millennium John Edwards. You know, stuff like, "Hey, John Edwards made those kajillions...

What Else Should Be On New York Restaurant’s $2000 Plate Of Pasta?

Rupert Murdoch's New York Post brings us news of the beginning of the French Revolution the War of Poor Aggression. A high-end Midtown restaurant is serving up the city’s priciest plate of pasta — a $2,000 dish of homemade tagliolini...

World’s Worst Woman And World’s Richest Woman Are Coincidentally Very Same Person

The Los Angeles Times brings us this important story of a very nice lady -- the world's wealthiest! -- explaining to poor people to shut up and eat their fucking gruel: Just in case you were beginning to think rich...

Pasties Take A Licking From UK Parliament

The Land of Newz is all aflutter this morning about the UK's plunge into a double-dip recession that is the worst since 1975. What is the esteemed Members of Parliament's solution, in line with their super successful austerity plan?...

Food For The Wealthy And Maybe The Rest of Us

Wednesday, September 2: Soon it will be freezing, and you will be complaining about how summer is gone and how the cold came too soon, so you might as well enjoy the last days of summer sun with an...

Google Fat Cats Make Millions While Nation Suffers

Goddammit are rich people still getting rich these days? Observe: Google's top four executives received million-dollar-plus bonuses last year -- a truly repulsive amount when everybody else in the country is starving. Wait, what's that you say? They haven't...