pt don’t teabag on me

Hey conservative blogosphere, whatcha talking about these days? The birthday party Andy Breitbart missed ’cause he was, um, interred? Joining the totally gonna get sued Tea Party Facebook? COPYRIGHTS ARE NOT IN THE CONSTITUTION!!!!11!! Oh, and what’s this? A “committed Democrat” got a standing-O from a “room full of Texas conservatives”?? Wha? How can this […]

Here is Arkansas Senator Jason Rapert, author of their fetal heartbeat bill, explaining to a nipple of Teabags (“nipple” is the collective term of art) about Muslins and my-nor-i-ties and Barack Obama and such hooboy yeehaw git em boys! Lessee, blah blah blah Muslims etc, yes, here it is. “When they invited all the Muslims […]

Who won the occupation of Milwaukee today? Not Scott Walker, who is probably crying into his Just For Men bucket today as the scary voters/liberals/workers/people once again scare the kleptocrats. The winners of the Milwaukee Occupation are right here! [Thanks to Wonkette commenter YerMa]