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You know who hates Meg Whitman? Everybody who ever had to deal with her, that’s who. The Los Angeles Times reports: Pierre Omidyar, who created EBay and hired Meg Whitman as his company’s chief executive, said Tuesday that he would not endorse her and would find it “difficult” to vote for her for governor if […]

“Weird news,” indeed. Christ! Can’t you people keep your foul third-rate romance/low-rent rendezvous off the freakin’ Internet, which really doesn’t need more pornography, and certainly not the kind you two would create. Ugh. Thanks, Sadly, No!, for the year’s supply of Nightmare Fuel. [The Corner]

What better way to celebrate your favorite President-elect than by taking a leering purple gnome-head and rubbing it joyously over your nethers? Buy sixteen million for your family and friends, for the holidays, and they will never ask you for a holiday gift again. [Etsy via Washington Post]