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Comrade Obama Joins Wonkette War On Christmas With Halal Sharia Brigade

Americans Love Sharia!
Take a moment to remember where you were and what you were doing today because today, this Black Friday 2012, is likely the last time Americans will be allowed to partake in the sacred pre-Christmas tradition of lining up outside big box stores to purchase $5 DVD players. And not just because solid state media is basically obsolete. As everyone knows, Barack Obama is a secret Muslim.┬áHe plans to use his second term to implement Sharia Law and turn America into a socialist Islamist theocracy. That means Christmas will be outlawed in the FEMA Camps! Because Obama doesn’t like it when anyone else gives gifts — especially gifts for non-browns and non-sluts. To show you what this nightmare look like, Wonkette operatives bravely traveled to Dearborn, Michigan, where Sharia is already practiced openly, to infiltrate and document the Tehran-like Fairlane Town Center mall. Most American malls are currently engaged in the wholesome, Christian practice of over-commercializing Christmas, but things are very different at Fairlane. Take a good look because this is the hell that awaits us in Obama’s second term. Read more on Comrade Obama Joins Wonkette War On Christmas With Halal Sharia Brigade…