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  desperate acts

‘Being Less Hated’ Top Gift on Scott Walker’s Xmas Wishlist This Year

Here is some very weird new holiday ad from loathed Kochgobbler Scott Walker. He is serving at a soup kitchen with his family and, you know, trying to make “getting along” faces at the invisible off-camera poors while his wife plaintively begs Wisconsin to “put our differences aside” and “move forward together” instead of focusing on all this silly old recall business, for peace. We’re guessing it’s his wife who has to do the talking because of the dripping sarcasm in Walker’s voice you normally hear every time he opens his mealy mouth about “struggling” families? Read more on ‘Being Less Hated’ Top Gift on Scott Walker’s Xmas Wishlist This Year…
  desperate acts

Poppy Bush Jumps Out Of Plane To ‘Celebrate’ Birthday

George H.W. Bush periodically flings himself out of planes to mark the passing of another depressing half-decade in the twilight years of a disappointed old man whose presidency fell squarely into the “unimpressive” column until his son’s presidency showed us what unimpressive was really all about. What this troubled senior needs is not a squad of toothsome paratroopers to strap on his back, but instead a sympathetic ear to listen — truly listen — to his long litany of regrets, starting with how he should have had George W. Bush excised from his nethers before the unwanted growth had a chance to ruin America. [CNN] Read more on Poppy Bush Jumps Out Of Plane To ‘Celebrate’ Birthday…