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Keep It Up, Donald Trump. You’re Just Making Robert Mueller’s Job Easier.

How many times can Trump obstruct justice on Twitter in one weekend? ALL OF THEM KATIE.

Dumbfuck Tomi Lahren Fitting In Quite Nicely With Rest Of Fox News Dumbfucks

Was this Tomi Lahren's Fox News debut? Don't know, don't care.

Marco Rubio Still Running For President, Still Real Dumb

Remember that dude, Marco Rubio, from Florida? Probably not. He announced the end of his political career in April, when he said he's already sick of being a senator, after four whole years, and will "run for president" instead,...
Lesbian and/or baby-killer

Heritage Foundation: Gay Marriage Will Make All The Gross Spinsters Kill Their Babies. It’s Math!

According to the Heritage Foundation's (LOL) "digital-first, multimedia news platform," The Daily Signal, if the Supreme Court crams gay-marriage down our throats, as it is totally gonna do in June, that will make even more women do abortions. FACT....

Calm, Judicious Tea Partier Seeks Total Recall Of Traitor Muslim-Lover John McCain

O HAI JOHN MCCAIN! Sometimes you seem to understand that your party (AND YOU) have thrown in your lot with a bunch of neo-Nazi troglodytes of terror. And then usually you go right back to cynically exploiting these dumb...