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Richard Cohen Admits Giant Gay Crush On Rick Perry

Lead old fart in the Washington Post’s “Eldercare for columnists” division Richard Cohen proclaimed his manly affection for Texas bozo barbie Rick Perry, not for something inane/worthwhile like “policy reasons,” but because the hot waves of bubbling stool ever-flowing out of the right-wing punditry’s toilet tank these days have a decidedly anti-Perry flavor to them. Ergo, this thing that has been the diarrhea du jour in the news media the last four days erases Perry’s incompetent thousand-year rule over Texas that has made the state our nation’s leader in executions, children without health insurance and minimum-wage jobs, because he is being picked on by idiots. Type away, Richard Cohen! “First I was shocked and then I was scared but now, the more he gets attacked by those on his right (imagine!), the more a certain sympathy stirs in me. Here and there, the big lug is downright lovable,” he babbles. Vulnerability is a major turn-on for Richard Cohen, is what he is saying. Read more on Richard Cohen Admits Giant Gay Crush On Rick Perry…