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Obama went book-shopping in Iowa. And what did he not buy? Mitt Romney’s sexting masterpiece I Am Armageddon. [New York Times] And, because of Socialism, Obama may follow the example of George W. Bush and Bill Clinton by approving a couple of hundred federal appointees while Congress is home for the Easter Bunny. [Miami Herald] […]

Teabaggers have shown great maturity by threatening the lives and vandalizing the homes and offices of Democratic lawmakers who voted for the Health Care Reform. [New York Times] Happy Thursday, gay soldiers! Defense Secretary Robert Gates will announce today that the Pentagon is basically going to let you be gay until Congress gets around to […]

Like to smoke your cigarettes on California’s beaches? Sounds like you need a visit from Doctor Death Panel. [SF Gate] Hillary Clinton performed at the AIPAC jam-band festival. You’re an anti-Semite for even reading these words. [BBC News] The New York Times is sort of sorry for publishing all that untrue crap about ACORN, the […]

Somebody in the Obama Administration says Israel shouldn’t be building 1,600 new homes in a neighboring country so Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s brother-in-law says, obviously, that Barack Obama hates the Jews. [BBC News] If you’re sharing that foreclosed house with crazy grandma and your wrecked family and your loser grandchildren, you’re part of an exciting […]

Nancy Pelosi’s new idea is for the House to pass the Senate’s health-care reform by not voting for it. [Washington Post] America’s remaining employed people would very much like to just stay in their jobs forever, quietly, not getting in the way, until death — but Things Have Changed and they will all be fired […]

Nancy Pelosi was alerted when Eric Massa was trying to bone one of Barney Frank’s male staffers seven months ago, but she did nothing because she was too busy doing nothing in Congress. [Washington Post] Republicans and Democrats have nominated the House Democrats and Republicans to be targeted by tens of millions of dollars in […]

Barack Obama is really serious now about pushing that thing he campaigned on a couple of years ago, whatever it was. Senate and House Democrats continue to be insufferable. [Business Week] Joe Biden is in the Middle East solving all their problems over there. [BBC News] Teen-aged girls will be lined up outside bookstores for […]

DAILY BRIEFING  7:54 am March 4, 2010

Day of the Locusts

by Ken Layne

It is very rude of the elected president and his party’s big majorities in the House and Senate to consider a vote on the Health Care reform bills promised by the president and already passed by the House and the Senate. [New York Times] Today’s terrifying earthquake was in … Taiwan! [BBC News] Sarah Palin […]

DAILY BRIEFING  7:55 am March 2, 2010

Fly Me To the Moon

by Ken Layne

A sign that the economy is still horrible: Mark Foley opens a thrift shop in Florida. [WZVN-7] Millions of tons of ice have been found on the Moon’s north pole. Humans haven’t been to the moon in four decades. But if we ever return, there’s water for drinking and water to split into oxygen and […]

Nancy Pelosi says she’s got the votes to pass a Health Care Reform bill in the House, but it will be different than the bill the Senate passed last year, so …. move to Canada? [New York Times] Are you a person who looks at the weather news on your cell phone? Congratulations, you are […]

Oh hey, that “Health Care Summit” was a failure, because Republicans are assholes and the Democrats are spineless. But at least Obama yelled at the crazy old man, John McCain. [Washington Post/BBC] Does the NYT have some kind of secret magic information? “Here is a basic fact: If the House Democrats voted tomorrow to approve […]

Chuckling horror sack Dick Cheney is “resting comfortably” after his latest hospitalization for chest pains. America won’t be “resting comfortably” until his obituary is published. [Reuters] Speaking of murdering civilians in poor countries, U.S. forces killed busloads of innocent women and children in Afghanistan on Sunday, because really, what are you going to do about […]

Eight of the Idaho Christians captured trying to move Haitian children to the neighboring Dominican Republic have been released to the United States military, while hundreds of thousands of Haitians continue to have no homes and no hope. [BBC News] Some kind of grunge guy in a flannel shirt and Darth Vader mask won some […]

For a special treat, some reporters were allowed to eat food at the King of Saudi Arabia’s golden tent palace, when Hillary Clinton was there, and oh man so much food, it was crazy. Never seen so much food, plus like three kinds of tea, and dessert, and the teevee was showing Saudi off-road NASCAR […]

Germany and France will help out Greece so it does not have to default on its debt, which it is apparently on the verge of doing (?). [New York Times] According to the impartial observer Iran, Iran has successfully enriched uranium. [Washington Post] It is also the anniversary of Iran’s 1979 revolution, and there just […]