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Billionaire Bloomberg Terrorizes #OWS Families Out of Friday Campout

Wall Street billionaire Michael Bloomberg has been nervously “playing nice” with the Occupy Wall Street movement for a month now, because he honestly fears an Egypt-style national uprising in America that will end with most of the Wall Street plutocrats’ heads on pikes. He is correct to fear this, of course — you can only fuck over 99% of the population for so long before enough of them figure out they’ve got the advantage. Also, Bloomberg’s wife-lady is on the board of the company that “owns” the public greenspace known as Zuccotti Park/Liberty Square. So it’s going to stain Bloomberg when the jackbooted thugs and bulldozers move in on the peaceful protesters. Still, Bloomberg is hearing from his fellow kleptocrats all day long, and they are scared, and he’s scared, and they’re telling him, “Listen you had better DO something about this bullshit, it is totally getting out of hand,” and the Gulfstreams are fueled up and waiting on the tarmac, servants and nannies and mistresses and little overly groomed dogs and even wives & children at the ready. Read more on Billionaire Bloomberg Terrorizes #OWS Families Out of Friday Campout…