pt crazy old men

Sometimes you have to burn the village to save it, every soldier knows that, which means it also totally makes sense that you have to shut down the government and then completely deprive it of revenue to fix it. Hear that? Just SHUT THAT SUCKER DOWN, the economy won’t mind at all. And then when […]

Well hi Rand Paul, what crazy things are you going on and on about today, on the teevee, where everyone can see you? Oh, nothing, just all the ways in which the American government’s repossession of stolen property is just like when Nazis stole paintings from Jewish families, that’s all, no big deal. Let us […]

Hey, here’s a strategy that’s high on wow-factor but lacking in any sort of long-term sustainability: wrapping oneself in the flag to give authenticity to the demonization of gays, the war on caterpillars women, the alienation of Latino/as, the disenfranchisement of African Americans, and the refusal to raise taxes on anyone, ever, in spite of […]

Well it has been quite a rollercoaster of a week for non-apology apologies, has it not? Like the foreign policy aide who ONLY TWEETS ABOUT CHINAMEN OUT OF FRUSTRATION and THEN that unfortunate “satirical” reference to fried chicken on the Vermont GOP Facebook page that “saddened” everyone involved, and NOW it’s time for our favorite fat, […]

Last Thursday (otherwise known as The Day Justice Roberts Killed Freedom) marked the beginning of what will hopefully be a long-lasting trend in American politics, namely, politicians, pundits, and aspiring politicians saying what they think, in public, to reporters or on the air. For example, did you know that this isn’t Europe, which means that […]

What is Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) yelling about today? And if that name seems familiar, it is because he was in the news about a year ago for comparing same sex marriage to incest and on Fox “News” a few days ago referring to Nancy Pelosi as “mind numbingly stupid.” And then a few days […]

Yesterday, we learned that noted constitutional scholar Ron Paul accepts and cashes his Social Security check even though it is “unconstitutional.” He did not say why, exactly, Social Security is unconstitutional (although Your Wonkette suspects it has something to do with his poor grasp of a common law system), and so it remains one in a […]