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Recently, there has been lots of Nice Time! for our LGBT sisters and brothers. But hey, this kind of momentum can’t go on forever, and who better to put a stop to it than the House GOP  Senate GOP  Democratic Senators from red blue states. Wait, what? Are you fucking kidding? Our latest group of […]

Hippies, or should we say “people affected and insulted by the total lack of accountability in the global economic system following its collapse a few years ago,” were all excited about the upcoming G8 Summit of first-world leaders set to take place in Chicago this May. What a great opportunity to yell at terrible people, […]

Here is video from inside Zuccotti Park early Tuesday morning as the NYPD moved in to trash the encampment and arrest dozens of peacefully resisting protesters. THAT’S QUITE ENOUGH FREEDUMZ 4 U ALL according to nervous billionaire goon Michael Bloomberg, who ordered the “closed-to-the-press” midnight raid to placate twitchy corporate overlords to protect the “safety” of […]

Here is a brilliant switcheroo! John McCain proposes delaying his debate if he has not singlehandedly resolved America’s financial crisis by tomorrow, so that way he and Barack Obama can debate next Thursday — the night when Sarah Palin and Joe Biden were set to debate. And then once they’ve rescheduled the Palin/Biden debate, John […]

COWARDS  4:23 pm September 24, 2008

by Jim Newell

DEBATEGATE, LULZ, HA: “Organizers said Wednesday they were going ahead as planned with the first 2008 US presidential debate, despite Republican John McCain’s call to postpone the event in the face of the Wall Street crisis. ‘We have been notified by the Commission on Presidential Debates that we are proceeding as scheduled,’ said the University […]

Let us be clear, America: John McCain is a senile old coward, and his campaign is run by crazed dingbats who seem to honestly believe that hijacking a half-hour of the midday news cycle with another weird stunt is a good way to turn those polls around. It’s not. It’s just … embarrassing, for Earth. […]

Here’s your Associated Press bulletin: AP NewsAlert Sep 24 02:51 PM US/Eastern NEW YORK (AP) – John McCain wants to delay debate with Obama to focus on economic crisis. Has there ever been another presidential campaign that consisted solely of dumb muppet stunts? [The Trail]

MSNBC set up their “studio” in a dirty park full of dead grass and trash, just north of the Xcel sports arena. There are bums sitting around, and dogs exposing their penises while supporting John McCain, and it’s hot and humid like it is outside, here, and the 9/11 truthers scream at him during broadcasts, […]