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Tag: pt coup d’etat coup d’etat!

Very Not-Dumb Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert Introduces Bill To Place Obama Under House Arrest

Howdy pardner! Don't know if you done heard, but we got us a see-quester goin' on, and that means we ain't got no cashish for thangs like White House Tours. So Pres'dent Bama, he said, well we will stop...

Scoop! Paul Ryan To Be Next House Speaker, According To Some Secret Random Dude Who Gossiped To Laura Ingraham

We've secretly replaced the video of golden succubus Laura Ingraham, passing on some gossip, with the Circle Jerks classic Coup D'Etat. (Don't worry you are not missing anything. We will tell you what she said.) So some chick is...