pt concern troll is concerned

Comrade Barack Barakovich’s announcement that he will raise the minimum wage for workers under federal contracts to the economy-destroying level of $10.10 an hour is already getting pushback from the highest (and drunkest) levels of Congress. That would be John Boehner, fresh off his stand-up tour to beautiful downtown Burbank, CA. In a press conference […]

Peggy Noonan lounged in her sitting-room high above the island of Manhattan, morning highball glass parked at her elbow, as she pondered the government shutdown taking place far below her well-appointed aerie. How would it affect her? Would she be able to ride the Acela down to Washington this weekend to blather on the Sunday […]

What ho, a missive from Ol’ Whatsername, the Dowager Countess, Peggeth Blah Blah Etc. (PEGGY NOONAN. HER NAME IS PEGGY NOONAN AND SHE WOULD LIKE TO SMOKE SOME MARIJUANA.) Peggy Noonan is sorry — really, you can feel her tender concern — at Barack Obama’s stubborn insistence on dividing the country and making Republicans hate […]