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Dick Cheney Explains Why He Loves Torture (Because He Is Darth Vader)

Evil zombie Dick Cheney came back from the dead recently to hack up a book, mostly as a courtesy to the hobos pillaging Borders stores across the country, who would otherwise go without the materials needed to kindle their trash can fires. That book is here now, and it is causing “controversy,” for the people who were unaware that Dick Cheney is an evil zombie, despite how many times he admits that he does not have a soul. “There are gonna be heads exploding all over Washington,” is what he said, because everyone who reads this book is basically waterboarding themselves to death. Also, Dick Cheney would like everyone to know that he is Darth Vader, that scary monster from “Star Wars!” Read more on Dick Cheney Explains Why He Loves Torture (Because He Is Darth Vader)…
  coming out parties

DNC To Officially Gay-Coronate Arlen Specter Tonight

Arlen Specter, what’s up with that guy, right. He’s a Democrat now! And being a Democrat means you have to do terrible abortion things in Hollywood, all the time, with Muslims: “Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA) will make his debut appearance this evening at a national Dem event since switching parties. Specter will join Pres. Obama at the Beverly Hilton in LA for a DNC fundraiser… It marks his first outing with Obama — and with Jennifer Hudson, we should note. The Academy Award winner will sing at the event. As will Earth, Wind and Fire.” And it only costs $1,000 to $2,500 to attend! Or if you’re super rich like Tom Cruise and the famous Movie Stars, there’s “another dinner” for, uh, $30,400 (but it’s a DEAL because that’s the PER COUPLE price.) [Hotline] Read more on DNC To Officially Gay-Coronate Arlen Specter Tonight…